About Heatsink Bikes

I'm Steve from Heatsink Bikes and if you're reading this then I'm guessing we both have something significant in common. The love of bicycles!

Let me take you back in time to 80's Great Britain. As a child it was the highlight of my week when my parents took me to the local park for an outing on my first bike. The exhilaration of zooming around the tarmac chicanes in a gradually less wobbly fashion was unforgettable. Over the years various bikes would be a much loved steed for adventures out with friends and getting me to part time jobs. At University I bought a new bike to be my sole form of transport to Engineering lectures, up and down the hills of Bath UK. As a member of the Bath University Mountain Biking Club I started to develop some more advanced bike control skills riding out in the beautiful country side.

During these student days of the late 90's I would religiously buy the big Mountain biking magazines of the day- MBUK (Based in Bath), Mountain Bike Action, and be in awe of the immense skills of Trials riders featured like Martyn Ashton, Martin Hawyes and the Tongue brothers.

I set my heart on learning the basic Trials skills of Track stands, back hops, pedal hops and ups. This was before the days of YouTube so progress was very slow unless you knew someone in your town who could give you a few pointers!

In the 2000s I graduated from University and joined an Engineering company. Inspired by the Trials scene of the day I splashed my first paycheck on a custom build Saracen X-tort Trials bike. A bike which looks incredibly dated now! 

At the start of the millenium the UK Trials world was a small one and gathered exclusively on TrialsForum.co.uk as social media had yet to take off.  Riders were eagerly calling out for more  frames and components designed for the rigours of Trials.  In 2004 I put my Engineering knowledge into action by offering Trials specific brake pads built into traded in old magura backings. Heatsink Bikes was born.

This was the start of a golden era for Trials, and the most prolific for Heatsink Bikes as I started developing a range of Trials specific components starting with the very first reuseable CNC aluminium magura backings. Next came V brake pads, brake boosters, V adapters, Middleburn bashguards and ultimately a 24" Trials frame, the 24UK. 

Fast forward twenty years and the Trials scene is very different but still alive! It's a joy to still be involved and offering Trials specific components through Heatsink Bikes. In recent years word has spread to the broader single speed community of the unique Heatsink Ultralight tensioner. 

Stay tuned for the latest developments!

All the best with your riding,