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How to do an "Up to Front"



This the first in a brand new series of riding tutorials from HeatsinkBikes Team rider Euan Beaden. Euan relies on Heatsink Yellow CNC Magura brake pads for his trick braking! Why not arm your bike with some Heatsink pads, download this to your phone, and get practising!

How to do a "Foot-Jam Tail Whip"



Arm your bike with some Heatsink brake pads and with Euan's guidance and your practise you'll master this trick! Euan relies on Heatsink Yellow CNC Maguras for his fantastic rear brake.

How to do a "Backwards Wheelie"



You asked us for more tutorials from Euan, and he kindly produced another gem! Euan relies on Heatsink Yellow CNC Maguras for his fantastic rear brake.

Rich Pearson - Heatsink Promo Vid!


Heatsink Promo from Rich Pearson on Vimeo.

It's great to welcome Rich Pearson back to the HeatsinkBikes Team! To mark the occasion Rich has released this fantastic video promoting our Heatsink CNC Yellow Magura pads

Rich is one of the inspirational riders who make up the Heatsink Team alongside 4x World Champ Aurelien Fontenoy and street riding legends Damon Watson. All harnessing the power of Heatsink brake pads!

Why Heatsinkbikes?

We've developed a broad range of brake pads in V-pad & Magura style which are enabling riders around the world to take their riding to new, previously dreamt about levels. Our debut product was the first globally successful CNC Aluminium Magura backings in 2005. We then added CNC V-pads, refined the pad compounds with the help of some of the best riders in the World, and the rest is history!

Our products are continually modernised and improved so that the 2012 versions are the best they've ever been!

Come and get the Heatsink pads edge for your rding.

Please follow us below for the very latest news and rider videos!

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HSB CNC MagurasYellow HSB CNC Magura pads as used by riders all around the world!

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